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Print Biographies (9)

Elia Kazan. Elia Kazan: A Life. New York: Alfred A Knopf, 1984.
Harold Clurman. The Fervent Years: The Story of the Group Theatre and the Thirties. New York: A Harvest Book/Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1975. ISBN 0156305119
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Weslyan Film Studies. Working with Kazan. Middletown, Ct..: Wesleyan University Press, 1973. ISBN 9780819580160
Briley, Ron. The Ambivalent Legacy of Elia Kazan: The Politics of the Post-HUAC Films. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016. ISBN 1442271671

Portrayals (4)

Interviews (1)

Penthouse (US) June 1996, Vol. 27, Iss. 10, pg. 14+145, by: Marcia Pally, "Film: Elia Kazan"

Articles (16)

Film Comment (US) January 2006, Vol. 42, Iss. 1, pg. 76, by: Phillip Lopate, "Life Lessons: Can anything more be said about Elia Kazan, a man who has already exhausted the subject himself?"
Entertainment Weekly (US) October 10 2003, Vol. 1, Iss. 732, pg. 18, by: Ty Burr with Joshua Rich, "Legacy: Elia Kazan 1909-2003 - Controversial Contender"
T2 (Times supplement) (GB) October 1 2003, pg. 11, "Do these sound like Red movies?"
The Washington Post (US) September 30 2003, Vol. 126, Iss. 299, pg. C1+ C8, by: Stephen Hunter, "Elia Kazan's Prized Pieces of Broken Dreams"
The Washington Post (US) September 29 2003, Vol. 126, Iss. 298, pg. A1+ A9, by: Bart Barnes, "Elia Kazan, 1909-2003: Director of Stage and Film Crafted American Classics"
The New York Times (US) September 29 2003, by: Mervyn Rothstein, "Elia Kazan, Influential Director, Is Dead at 94"
The Guardian Weekly (GB) October 2 2002, by: Bart Barnes, "Elia Kazan"
The Independent (GB) September 30 2002, by: Dick Vosburgh, "Elia Kazan: Controversial film and theatre director"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) September 30 2002, by: Anonymous, "Elia Kazan"
The Times (GB) September 30 2002, by: Anonymous, "Elia Kazan"
The Independent (GB) September 30 2002, by: Andrew Gumbel, "Venerated, detested and controversial to the last: US film director Elia Kazan dies at 94"
Cinema (GR) May 1999, Iss. 101, pg. 96-102, by: Babis Aktsoglou, "O Ioudas Kinimatografouse iperoha"
Entertainment Weekly (US) March 1 1999, Iss. 474, pg. 140, by: Steve Daly
Entertainment Weekly (US) February 5 1999, Vol. 1, Iss. 470, pg. 22, by: Jeff Jensen, "Trophy Strife"
Correio da Manhã, TV (PT) October 9 1998, pg. 33, "Delator..."
Films in Review (US) April 1987, Vol. XXXVIII, Iss. 4, pg. 224 - 226, by: John Nangle, "The American Museum of the Moving Image Salutes Elia Kazan"

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