West Side Story (1961) Poster

Richard Beymer: Tony



  • Tony : You're not thinking I'm someone else?

    Maria : I know you are not.

    Tony : Or that we've met before?

    Maria : I know we have not.

    Tony : I felt, I knew something never before was going to happen, had to happen. But this is so much more.

    Maria : My hands are cold.

    [he takes them in his] 

    Maria : Yours too.

    [he moves them to his face] 

    Maria : So warm.

    [she moves his to hers] 

    Tony : So beautiful.

    Maria : Beautiful.

    Tony : It's so much to believe. You're not making a joke?

    Maria : I have not yet learned how to joke that way. I think now I never will.

  • Tony : You heard - it's gonna be a fair fight!

    Doc : And that's going to cure something?

    Tony : From here on in, everythin's gonna be all right! I got a feelin'!

    Doc : What have you been taking tonight?

    Tony : A trip to the moon! And I'll tell ya a secret. It ain't a man that's up there, Doc. It's a girl, lady. Buenas noches, Senor.

    Doc : Buenas noches? So that's why you made it a fair fight...

    Tony : I'm gonna see her tomorrow an' I can't wait!

    Doc : Tony... things aren't tough enough?

    Tony : Tough? Doc, I'm in love!

    Doc : And you're not frightened?

    Tony : Should I be?

    Doc : [after a pause]  No. I'm frightened enough for the both of us.

  • Tony : I- I didn't believe hard enough.

    Maria : Loving is enough.

    Tony : Not here. They won't let us be.

    Maria : Then we'll run away.

    Tony : Yeah, we can.

    Maria : Yes.

    Tony : We will...

    Maria : [singing]  Hold my hand and we are halfway there, hold my hand and I'll take you there. Somehow! Someday! Some...

  • Riff : Look, Tony, I've never asked the time of day from a clock but I'm asking you, come to the dance tonight. I already told the gang you'd be there. If you don't show I'll be marked lousy.

    Tony : What time?

    Riff : Ten.

    Tony : Ten it is.

    Riff : Womb to tomb!

    Tony : Birth to Earth. And I'll live to regret this.

    Riff : Who knows? Maybe what you've been waitin' on will be twitchin at the dance tonight.

    Tony : Who knows? Could be... Who knows?

  • Tony : You know what Maria and me are gonna do out in the country? We're gonna have kids, lots of 'em, and name them all after you-even the girls. That way when you come and visit...

    Doc : [slaps him]  Wake up! Is this the only way to get to you? Fight like all you kids do?

  • Doc : [frustrated]  Why do you kill?

    Tony : [picks up the scattered money]  I told you how it happened, Maria understands, I thought you did too.

  • Riff : Four-and-a-half years I live wit' a buddy an' his family. I think I'm diggin' a guy's character... Boy, I'm a victim of disappointment in you.

    Tony : End ya sufferin', little man. Why dontcha just pack up ya gear an' move out?

    Riff : 'Cause ya ma's hot fa me...

  • Tony : Well end your suffering little man. Why don't you pack up your gear and clear out of here?

  • Tony : [angrily]  I ain't playing anymore, CAN'T ANY OF YOU GET THAT?

    Anybodys, Tomboy : [agitatedly]  BUT THE GANG!

    Tony : You're a girl! be a girl and beat it!

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