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Simon Oakland: Schrank



  • Lieutenant Schrank : Do you mind?

    Doc : I have no mind. I am the village idiot.

  • Lieutenant Schrank : [as they exit]  Say goodbye to the nice boys, Krupke.

    Officer Krupke : Goodbye, boys.

    Snowboy : [mimicking Krupke]  "Goodbye, boys."

    Action : [mimicking Shranke]  "You hoodlums don't own the streets."

    Snowboy : "Go play in the park!"

    Action : "Keep off of the grass."

    Ice : "Get outta the house!"

    Action : "Keep off the block!"

    A-Rab : "Get outta here!"

    Action : "Keep off of the world!" A gang that don't own the street is nothin'!

    Riff : WE DO OWN IT!

  • Lieutenant Schrank : All right, wise guys. Now you listen to me. All of ya! You hoodlums don't own these streets. And I've had all the roughhouse I'm gonna put up with around here! You wanna kill each other, kill each other! But you ain't gonna do it on my beat. Are there any questions?

    Bernardo : Yes sir. Would you mind translating that into Spanish?

    Lieutenant Schrank : Get your... friends outta here Bernardo. And stay out!

    [Mock charm] 

    Lieutenant Schrank : Please.

    Bernardo : Okay, Sharks. *Vaminos.*

    [Leaves with his gang] 

    Lieutenant Schrank : Boy oh boy! As if this neighborhood wasn't crummy enough!

    [Pleasantly, to the Jets] 

    Lieutenant Schrank : Now look, fellas. Let's be reasonable. If I don't get a little law and order around here, I get busted down to a traffic corner. And your friend don't like traffic corners. So that means you're gonna start making nice with the PRs from now on.

    [Grabs A-Rab by the shoulder] 

    Lieutenant Schrank : I said nice, get it? Because if you don't, and I catch any of you doing any more brawlin' in my territory, I'm gonna personally beat the living crud out of each and every one of you and see that you go to the can and rot there. Say good-bye to the nice boys, Krupke.

    Officer Krupke : Good-bye, boys.

  • Lieutenant Schrank : You Puerto Ricans get what you've been itching for, use of the playground, use of the gym, the streets, the candy store. So what if you do turn this whole town into a stinkin' pig sty?

    Bernardo : [Bernado jumps up but the Jets stop him from attacking Schrank] 

    Lieutenant Schrank : Don't stop him! He wants to get home, write a few letters to San Juan tell 'em how he's got it made over here! What I mean is... Clear out, you! I said, clear out!

    Bernardo : [Bernardo and the Sharks move towards Schrank] 

    Lieutenant Schrank : Yeah, sure, I know. It's a free country, I ain't got the right. But I got a badge. What do you got? Things are tough all over. Beat it.

    Bernardo : [Bernardo and the Sharks leave, whistling]  My Country 'Tis of Thee...

  • Lieutenant Schrank : At the gym last night, your brother got into a heavy argument because you danced with the wrong boy.

    Maria : Yes

    Lieutenant Schrank : Who was that boy?

    Maria : Another from my country.

    Lieutenant Schrank : And his name?

    Maria : Jose.

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