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Sex & Nudity

  • Anita is seen putting on pantyhose during the 'Quintet' number, while in a bra and slip.
  • A few remarks referring to prostitutes, cross dressers. Very subtle.
  • At the gym dance, some girls are wearing tight dresses, which reveal breast outlines, and slim visibility of nipples.
  • Maria asks Anita to lower a dress's neck by one inch, and Anita replies "Too much." This implies cleavage.
  • The Jets grab Anita and force Baby John onto her, but Doc stops them before anything can happen. Implies rape.
  • Tony is seen sleeping in bed with Maria (he is shirtless, she is in a nightgown), but it's vaguely implied that they had sex.
  • Some kissing and making out throughout the film.
  • Some sexual dancing, lifting skirts, subtle thrusting etc.

Violence & Gore

  • The Jets and the Sharks have a gang-fight in the opening scene, but it's done in the manner of a stylized dance-number. Baby john has his cheek cut. Little blood.
  • In one musical number riff is bumped from one member of his gang to the next. Played for laughs.
  • Maria throws her fists at Tony in a rage.
  • Several Jets get in a loud scuffle, causing an angry tenant to throw a glass bottle from above a high window at them, shattering upon the street.
  • Doc slaps Tony.


  • Most profanity is racial, and is used through some parts, such as "white boy", "spic", "Polack", etc.
  • Mild swear words like "damn" and "hell".
  • There is one use of tramp near the end of the film.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Very brief smoking
  • In one song the singer mentions pot, that his parents wouldn't let him smoke it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some scenes listed under violence could be considered intense.
  • The scene where Chino tells Maria that Bernardo was killed by Tony is very intense psychologically, especially where the music reaches a fever pitch.
  • Anybodys scurries around the city, and Chino comes out of the shadows. This can be frightening for some, unsettling, and very unexpected.
  • Plot includes the deaths of main characters making the film emotionally intense to many viewers.
  • The end is very intense, and probably the most emotionally intense part of the film, where the Jets take Tony away, the police take Chino away, and the music ends in a somber note.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Riff and Bernardo have a knife fight (again, more of a dance number than an actual fight), however, Riff is stabbed to death and we see blood on his abdomen and the knife. In revenge, Tony kills Bernardo by stabbing him. There is blood on both knifes after the deaths
  • Chino shoots Tony, who then dies (no blood is seen). Maria then threatens others with the gun and threatens to shoot herself, but this never happens.

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