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‘Mowgli’: Andy Serkis Crafts A Darker, Murkier ‘Jungle Book’ Tale [Review]

In Hollywood, where original ideas are an endangered species, the race against time in delivering your formula is always a critical factor. For every “Capote” there’s an “Infamous,” for every “Braveheart,” there is a “Rob Roy“—aka the lesser, after-the-fact and often-ignored, second version of the same movie that arrives in theaters too late and yet too soon following its predecessor.

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‘Elliot the Littlest Reindeer’ Film Review: Horse Dreams of Christmas Glory in Muddled Cartoon

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‘Elliot the Littlest Reindeer’ Film Review: Horse Dreams of Christmas Glory in Muddled Cartoon
If Jennifer Westcott’s animated kids’ movie “Elliot the Littlest Reindeer” was a Christmas gift, it’d be the toothbrush at the bottom of your stocking. It’s well-intentioned, and you might get some use out of it, but let’s just pray it’s not the highlight of your holiday season.

“Elliot” takes place in a world where everyone knows Santa Claus is real and the world has adjusted accordingly. “Reindeer trainer” is now a respectable occupation, more or less, and when Blitzen retires — to open his own juice bar — with only three days until Christmas, those trainers all scramble to the North Pole with their finest stock to compete in an emergency session of reindeer games.

Unfortunately for Elliot (voiced by Josh Hutcherson), a miniature horse with dreams of holiday glory, only reindeer are allowed to hoist Santa’s sleigh. So he steals away onto his trainer’s
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‘Outlaw King’ Review (Netflix)

Stars: Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Stephen Dillane, Rebecca Robin, Billy Howle, Paul Blair, Sam Spruell, Jonny Phillips, Ben Clifford, Jamie Maclachlan, Duncan Lacroix, Kevin Mains, Callan Mulvey, Steven Cree, Tony Curran, James Cosmo | Written by Bathsheba Doran, David Mackenzie, James MacInnes | Directed by David Mackenzie

Scottish native David Mackenzie reteams with his Hell or High Water leading star Chris Pine for the Robert the Bruce Netflix exclusive epic Outlaw King. A character and mythology prevalent in Mel Gibson’s critically acclaimed and Oscar-winning epic of William Wallace in Braveheart. While Outlaw King doesn’t hit the great heights of Braveheart, the influence is undoubtedly felt and delivers on an atmospheric and action-oriented epic aesthetic with heart and conviction.

Outlaw King begins with an almost ten-minute long unbroken take of charismatic indulgence, introducing the primary characters that will influence the following two-hour fallout of anger, hatred and rebellion. It’s
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Riveting Trailer For The Psychological Thriller The Vanishing which Follows 3 Lighthouse Keepers Who Battle for Survival

Saban Films has released a trailer for a fantastic-looking psychological thriller called The Vanishing. The film stars Gerard Butler (London Has Fallen, 300), Peter Mullan (Session 9, Braveheart), and newcomer Connor Swindells.

The film is based on a true story of an unsolved local legend known as the Flannan Isle mystery. The three actors take on the role of lighthouse keepers who end up coming across some gold and this leads them on a deadly journey of survival.

I enjoy stories like this and this movie looks like a solid, well-made film. I especially like that the film stars Butler and Mullan. They’re great. Here’s the synopsis:

On an uninhabited island 20 miles from the rugged Scottish coast, three lighthouse keepers arrive for their 6-week shift. As they settle into their normal quiet routine, something unexpected, potentially life-changing occurs – they stumble upon gold. What follows is a tense battle for survival,
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The Netflix Original Outlaw King Is A Beautifully Blood-Soaked Battle Epic - One Minute Movie Review

Outlaw King is the latest drama from Netflix and is based on the true historic story of Robert The Bruce of Scotland. Starring Chris Pine , this battle epic could serve as a companion film to the Oscar-Winning Scottish epic, Braveheart. This is the latest film from director David Mackenzie (Hell or Highwater) but is this Netflix original a solid addition to the streaming service’s mediocre library of originals or does it stand above the rest?

Watch the 60-second review from One Minute Critic:

You can check out more 1-minute reviews on One Minute Critic's Instagram or Youtube page.
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The Exact Year That Captain Marvel is Set in Has Been Revealed; What Were You Doing in 1995?

We’ve know that Captain Marvel will be set in the 90s. The Blockbuster Video store featured in the the trailer made sure we understand that. But, we’ve never been given an exact date until now.

According to Disney’s Japanese website, Carol Danvers will be "descending from the sky" in 1995.

That was a great year of movies that included Toy Story, Seven, Heat, Braveheart, Clueless, Apollo 13, The Usual Suspects, Bad Boys, Bill Madison, Golden Eye, 12 Monkeys, Babe, Empire Records, Jumanji, Die Hard With A Vengeance, Get Shorty, and more.

I was a sophomore in high school in 1995. I was spending a lot of time at the movies with my friends and shooting lots of short films with them. Going to Blockbuster every Friday night was a ritual. I spent a lot of time at the beach during those days and was hanging out in Hollywood a lot for some reason.
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David Mackenzie Talks Re-Editing ‘Outlaw King,’ Shrugs Off ‘Braveheart’ Comparisons, & Thinks Theaters Are Overrated [Interview]

David Mackenzie Talks Re-Editing ‘Outlaw King,’ Shrugs Off ‘Braveheart’ Comparisons, & Thinks Theaters Are Overrated [Interview]
David Mackenzie‘s latest film, “Outlaw King,” is a life-long passion project for the Scottish director of “Hell or High Water” and “Starred Up.” The new Netflix film takes place during the medieval years of the early 14th century and recounts the story of Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine), brother of William Wallace (who was made famous by Mel Gibson in the film “Braveheart“), who went from being king to an outlaw after murdering the high-ranking son of a powerful monarch.

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The New Cut of ‘Outlaw King’ Is an Improvement, But the Netflix Epic Still Drags

The 1990s were chock full of bloody historical epics fronted by very manly men. Daniel Day-Lewis led Michael Mann’s thoughtful Last of the Mohicans; Mel Gibson pulled off both 13th Century Scotland in Braveheart and the American Revolution in The Patriot; and Kevin Costner’s Dances with Wolves won a boatload of Oscars. But as visual effects improved and audiences flocked to films like Independence Day, the historical epic genre started to fade away, and it’s been pretty much dormant for quite some time. Which makes the existence of the Netflix original film Outlaw King in and …
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New to Streaming: ‘The Miseducation of Cameron Post,’ ‘Blindspotting,’ ‘Outlaw King,’ ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ and More

With a seemingly endless amount of streaming options — not only the titles at our disposal, but services themselves — we’re highlighting the noteworthy titles that have recently hit platforms. Check out this week’s selections below and an archive of past round-ups here.

Blindspotting (Carlos López Estrada)

Blindspotting is a mess that is likely to lessen in your mind as soon as it’s over, even if you may be utterly absorbed in it in the moment (which I often was). A lot of it is provocation which belies a lack of a real message, or story turns that feel unearned even in the heightened context the movie establishes. But there is undeniable craft here, and an impossible-to-ignore signal that everyone involved in the project deserves attention going forward. What does work is strong, sometimes powerful. – Dan S. (full review)

Where to Stream: Amazon, iTunes, Google

Crazy Rich Asians (Jon M. Chu
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‘Outlaw King’ Film Review: Chris Pine Scottish War Epic Is Meh-dieval

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‘Outlaw King’ Film Review: Chris Pine Scottish War Epic Is Meh-dieval
For those of you wondering why “Braveheart” was only three hours, when the wars of Scottish independence lasted decades, there’s now two more hours of it in the form of “Outlaw King.”

Taking place in the space between William Wallace’s insurgency and the “Braveheart” coda, “Hell or High Water” director David Mackenzie’s ruddy, muddy, bloody 14th-century chronicle of the successfully rebellious campaign Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine) waged against English king Edward I (Stephen Dillane) isn’t likely to replace Mel Gibson’s Oscar-winning warrior cry in the pantheon of medieval war epics. Sometimes, getting there first with overlooked, then heightened, battle history has pop culture advantages.

But as Netflix-and-kill offerings go, “Outlaw King” is a respectably engaging slice of freedom-fighting bluster, if ultimately suffering from the same need to bleed that weighs down most warfare sagas these days. Mackenzie shaved 20 minutes or so after its
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Here’s Chris Pine Doing Shakespeare in a Scottish Accent for Stephen Colbert — Watch

Here’s Chris Pine Doing Shakespeare in a Scottish Accent for Stephen Colbert — Watch
Friday brings a chance to see two hours of Chris Pine speaking as if he grew up thousands of miles away from California. Still, his character in “Outlaw King” did live a few centuries before the time of Shakespeare.

Wednesday night on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Pine talked about how, even with that gap in timelines, reciting some classic verse helped him nail down the tricky brogue for his daily work as Robert the Bruce. When Colbert pressed him on giving the audience a little taste, Pine offered up a few quick lines.

Of course, Colbert prompted him with a little bit from “Macbeth” (don’t read this post out loud if you’re backstage somewhere), sliding right into the “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” speech from the last act of “Macbeth.”

For those unfamiliar with the historical basis for the “Outlaw King” story, Pine also dons his
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We interview Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and more for Outlaw King!

  • JoBlo
Fans of Braveheart and historical medieval films are sure to flock to Outlaw King, director David Mackenzie's epic-scale actioner that seeks to capture the tale of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, who fought for Scottish independence from England during the reighn of Edward I (as portrayed by Game of Thrones' Stephen Dillane here). I had the opportunity to talk to Mackenzie, as…
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‘Outlaw King’ Review: Bloody Epic Proves Chris Pine Is Brave of Heart

‘Outlaw King’ Review: Bloody Epic Proves Chris Pine Is Brave of Heart
It starts with a close-up of a candle and ends with flaming debris being flung at a castle wall by a catapult — in terms of kicking off a period-piece epic with a single unbroken shot, you could say that Outlaw King sets a high bar. This serpentine opening sequence establishes that, in 1304, England’s King Edward seizes power over Scotland after an eight-year-rebellion; the regent forces the country’s lords, including former heir-to-the-throne Robert Bruce (Chris Pine), to bend the knee; his son, Prince Edward II (Billy Howle), has an ax,
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Review: ‘Outlaw King’ is a Bloody, Brutal Epic

Many know the tale of William Wallace, the Scottish knight who was a prominent leader in the First War of Scottish Independence, as portrayed by Mel Gibson in a wee film called Braveheart. Now, picture Wallace’s severed head hung from a monument in the town square. This is the atmosphere of Outlaw King, an epic set against the backdrop of a crippled Scotland itching for justice. Positioned as a long-gestating passion project for Scotsman helmer David Mackenzie, Outlaw King is a sincere war picture with ferocious violence and an inconsistent but righteously beating heart.

It’s 1304. King Edward I of England proclaims himself as Lord Paramount of Scotland, and Scottish nobility across the land are drawn into a reluctant agreement to pay taxes and kneel to a King crowned through coercion and war. Prominent among these taxed families is Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine), who is soon compelled into
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Outlaw King Review: This Bloody Medieval Epic Is Lacking Gravitas

Outlaw King Review: This Bloody Medieval Epic Is Lacking Gravitas
Chris Pine swaps his phaser for a sword in the bloody medieval epic, Outlaw King. Pine stars as Robert the Bruce, the King of Scotland, who fought for independence against a tyrannical England. The film is well shot by Director David Mackenzie, but fails to deliver any real emotional gravitas. The characters toil through the savagery of war without introspection. The battles escalate in grandeur while the drama fizzles. Outlaw King is a shallow history lesson.

Outlaw King opens in 1304 Scotland. English King Edward I (Stephen Dillane) has crushed a rebellion led by William Wallace. The Scottish Lords were forced to swear fealty to the cruel king, who continued to tax them heavily as reparations for the war. To further cement bonds amongst the conquered, King Edward forces the marriage of his goddaughter, Elizabeth De Burgh (Florence Pugh), to the son of the leading Scottish noble, Robert the Bruce.

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Movie Review – Outlaw King (2018)

Outlaw King, 2018.

Directed by David Mackenzie.

Starring Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh, Tony Curran, Billy Howle, Callan Mulvey, Steven Cree, Daniel Campbell, Niall Greig Fulton, James Cosmo, Duncan Lacroix, Alastair Mackenzie, Sam Spruell, Ron Donachie, Jonny Phillips, Jamie Sives, Lorne MacFadyen, Gavin Mitchell, Tam Dean Burn, Vicki Liddelle, Margaret Fraser, Stephen McCole, Clive Russell, and Stephen Dillane.


A true David v Goliath story of how the great 14th Century Scottish ‘Outlaw King’ Robert The Bruce used cunning and bravery to defeat and repel the much larger and better equipped occupying English army.

Outlaw King plays like a direct to home video Braveheart sequel that was lost in space and time and unearthed by Netflix. That’s not to say it’s necessarily bad, but this project re-teaming filmmaker David Mackenzie (Hell or High Water) and Chris Pine for medieval heroics and all-out bloodbath warfare for the untold but
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Mel Gibson and Charlie Hunnam Team for Action Thriller Waldo

Mel Gibson and Charlie Hunnam Team for Action Thriller Waldo
Mel Gibson has been experiencing a bit of a turnaround in his career the past couple of years. He was shunned by Hollywood after several disturbing incidents came to light. Now, he's back on track and continuing the Gibson renascence with a lead role in a new thriller called Waldo.

Mel Gibson will be starring alongside Sons of Anarchy fan-favorite Charlie Hunnam in the movie, which is set to be directed by Tim Kirby. The casting was announced by Imr International, who also revealed that Eiza Gonz&#225lez has signed on for the project. Imr has noted that they will be handling all foreign sales, launching the movie at the American Film Market.

Academy Award winner Mel Gibson, Charlie Hunnam and Eiza Gonz&#225lez are attached to star in Tim Kirkby's Waldo, which is based on Howard Gould's novel Last Looks.

The action-packed thriller follows brilliant ex-detective gone rogue: Charlie Waldo,
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‘Outlaw King’: This generation’s ‘Braveheart’ could look good to Oscars

‘Outlaw King’: This generation’s ‘Braveheart’ could look good to Oscars
In 1995 “Braveheart” won five Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director for Mel Gibson. It’s since been cemented as one of cinema’s best and most beloved movies thanks to film’s greatest and truest critic: time. It’s curious, then, that it has taken 23 years to continue the story started by William Wallace in Gibson’s “Braveheart.” Yep, that’s right. There’s more to the story.

David Mackenzie‘s “Outlaw King” tells it with a humor, energy, and a trio of great performances from Chris Pine (terrific Scottish accent), Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Stephen Dillane. The latter is best known as Stannis Baratheon in “Game of Thrones. He is one of five ‘GoT’ actors to pop up during this picture. Florence Pugh manages to make an impact, despite not featuring as much as her clear and obvious talent demands.

Discuss Join the live chat about the Oscars
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‘A Star Is Born’ Doesn’t Need to Break Box-Office Records to Be an Oscar Frontrunner

  • Indiewire
‘A Star Is Born’ Doesn’t Need to Break Box-Office Records to Be an Oscar Frontrunner
In less than three weeks of release, “A Star Is Born” will gross $134 million domestic, making it one of the best-grossing movie musicals in recent years (no matter how Warner Bros. wants to categorize it with the Golden Globes). Now, $200 million appears to be in reach. Of course, there’s plenty of variables in play: How much will it drop? Can it sustain prime theaters through Thanksgiving, or Christmas? Will it stick around long enough to benefit from award citations and nominations?

Questions, questions. Here’s some answers, starting with: “A Star Is Born” won’t be noted as a record-breaking success. But it’s a genuine Oscar frontrunner.

A Star Is Born

How much will “A Star Is Born” make?

Based on the performance of similar films released in October with an eye toward awards, the film’s trajectory suggests something between $190 million-$215 million domestic. That’s pretty great: For Warner Bros.
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Can Bradley Cooper (‘A Star is Born’) become latest actor to receive Oscar nomination for directing?

Can Bradley Cooper (‘A Star is Born’) become latest actor to receive Oscar nomination for directing?
As the latest remake of “A Star is Born” continues to do well at the box office and with critics (it currently sits at 90% on Rotten Tomatoes), Bradley Cooper is on track to earn four Oscar nominations for the film. He’s not only the frontrunner to win Best Actor for his role as alcoholic singer Jackson Maine, but he’s also likely to be nominated for writing, producing and directing “A Star Is Born.”

Can Cooper become the latest actor to win an Oscar for Best Director, joining the likes of Woody Allen for “Annie Hall” (1977), Robert Redford for “Ordinary People” (1980), Warren Beatty for “Reds” (1981), Kevin Costner for “Dances with Wolves” (1990), Mel Gibson for “Braveheart” (1995), Ron Howard for “A Beautiful Mind” (2001) and Clint Eastwood for “Unforgiven” (1992) and “Million Dollar Baby” (2004)?

See 5 reasons why I knew Lady Gaga would soar in ‘A Star Is Born’

While history bodes well for
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