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11 May 2016
The Beating Heart
While a member of Firehouse 51 falls victim to a near-fatal stabbing, the other firefighters rescue a woman who attempted to commit suicide.
18 May 2016
The Path of Destruction
The city of Chicago braces for a tornado.
25 May 2016
Not Everyone Makes It
Herrmann goes to court to testify against Freddie but when the perpetrators father reaches out to beg forgiveness for his sons malicious attack, a tormented Herrmann is left to figure out what to do. Following the aftermath of the recent tornado, Lt. Casey learns the makeshift shelter housing victims is on the brink of shutting down. At the request of Alderman Colin Becks Casey attends a fundraiser and is thrown into the spotlight, only to quickly discover that his good intentions might not have the impact he was hoping for. Dawson and Brett feel the repercussions ...
1 Jun. 2016
The Sky Is Falling
Mysterious threats begin to emerge throughout Chicago and the situation gets worse when news of a mass shooting brings Firehouse 51 into a dangerous scene.
8 Jun. 2016
All Hard Parts
Severide confronts Chili about her behavior, while Jimmy faces Antonio in the first annual "Battle of the Badges".
15 Jun. 2016
Bad for the Soul
Severide and Cruz take matters into their own hands when Firehouse 51 responds to a suspicious call from a neighboring firehouse.
22 Jun. 2016
Two Ts
A citywide propaganda attack against Casey's run for alderman makes him reconsider his candidacy.
29 Jun. 2016
What Happened to Courtney
Severide and Cruz discover the remains of a case that may be connected to a case Severide worked on years ago.
6 Jul. 2016
On the Warpath
Sylvie is threatened when she witnesses a murder.
13 Jul. 2016
I Will Be Walking
Casey tries to use his political influence when a high school student is almost killed by a street gang.
20 Jul. 2016
The Last One for Mom
Severide watches over Detective Holloway's son while she testifies in court as part of an undercover operation, but he's left to deal with the situation due to an unexpected turn of events.
27 Jul. 2016
Kind of a Crazy Idea
Dawson risks her life to save a young boy from an apartment fire.
3 Aug. 2016
Where the Collapse Started
Firehouse 51 heads to the scene of a building collapse where dozens of lives are on the line.
17 May 2016
Dawson hopes to foster Louie while a dangerous structure fire puts a member of Firehouse 51 in a dangerous situation.
11 Oct. 2016
The Hose or the Animal
Severide and Stella are on the lookout for her unstable ex.
18 Oct. 2016
A Real Wake-Up Call
Members of 51 end up in a dangerous situation while responding to an auto accident and Stella must make a serious decision about her ex.
25 Oct. 2016
Scorched Earth
Casey gets help from Susan Weller for an urgent personal matter; Severide is given an opportunity to travel with Travis Brenner; Stella saves a street kid from a tunnel fire.
1 Nov. 2016
Nobody Else Is Dying Today
Casey is forced to take extreme measures when a forklift accidentally pierces a tank of acid, causing it to spill and putting a father and daughter in danger.
15 Nov. 2016
I Held Her Hand
Casey and Severide disagree on a potential arson case when the squad fails to save a woman from her burning house.
22 Nov. 2016
That Day
Dawson hits a pedestrian while responding to a call. Casey and Severide continue to investigate an arson case while Chief Boden is in New York to attend an important function.
29 Nov. 2016
Lift Each Other
Gabriela and Antonio's parents come to Chicago for their anniversary, while Chief Boden discovers a secret about his stepson.
6 Dec. 2016
One Hundred
Casey and Dawson apply for permanent adoption of Louie. Jeff Clarke gives Severide an interesting proposition. Otis convinces Herrmann to throw a bash celebrating the 100th anniversary of Molly's, but there are complications.

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