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Sex & Nudity

  • A man is shown completely naked. It's in dark so just a prolonged glimpses of his penis being shown with the help of a torchlight, as he creeps closer and closer to a young girl.
  • Part of a women's breasts are seen in a small night gown.
  • A young boy is seen in the bathtub. His buttocks are briefly seen as he stands up. He is quickly wrapped in a towel.
  • No sexual activity shown. One scene a man shown completely naked. However It"s dark so just a prolonged glimpses of his penis being shown partially with the help of the torchlight, as he creeps closer and closer to a young girl(Veronica). After that he has clinched the innocent young girl.However the girl is fully clothed. No female nudity shown. The sexual activity did not connived in this entire scene.couple of kissing scenes(less than 5 seconds).

Violence & Gore

  • A girl gets bitten on multiple part of her the arms by a group of small children. You see some flesh being tore open, and blood pouring from the wounds and the a children's mouths. One child strangles the girl. The girl is then seen bleeding from the vagina.
  • You see few scenes where blood spilled on objects.
  • After a glass breaks, blood is seen on a game board.


  • A few uses of "fuck", one use of "shit", and other mild language such as "damn", "hell", and "oh my god" and "god".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A nun is seen smoking a cigarette. She offers it to a teenage girl, but the girl declines it.
  • Teenage girls are seen smoking cigarettes on the grounds of their Catholic school.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A group of girls play with a spirit board to communicate with the dead, things move by themselves, girls scream in horror, its a tense scene.
  • A girl quickly whispers to herself, she then scream as her mouth is distorted, other girls scream in terror.
  • A little girl startles her older sister.
  • A girl shakes uncontrollably as she eats, her younger sisters are confused and scared, the girl eats the food but vomits it up.
  • A strange nude man is seen repeating a characters name as he slowly approaches her, The girl is grabbed from behind and forced on the bed by many spirit hands, she screams in terror.
  • A strange figure is seen in the bedroom of a child, It slowly creeps up on a girl as it makes strange noises. A little girl is grabbed by the throat by a black hand. She screams and is choked.
  • A goup of young girls have a tense confrontation with a strange black figure.

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