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Sex & Nudity

  • Episode 1: There are several sex scenes in Episode1. All 3 are pretty brief in length. In the first scene, a man and woman have sex, but because it is a quickie, they only drop their pants. The man's butt is fully shown from the back, and then (because of the camera angle) only the tops of both the man's and woman's backsides are briefly shown from the side. Thrusting is seen, and moaning is heard.
  • In the second scene, the woman intends to perform oral sex on a man. She unfastens his belt and pants and lowers her head to his crotch, but he stops her. It ends there. No nudity.
  • In the third scene, a man and woman have sex. Again, the encounter is only a quickie so they don't undress. There is thrusting and moaning, and at one point he buries his head in the exposed flesh of her breast that is popping up out of her bra. There's flesh, but no nudity.
  • A man waves what appears to be a page torn from a porn magazine depicting a woman and man having sex. No nudity. The man tells another man that it is a picture of his mother.

Violence & Gore


  • There are probably over two dozen instances of "f*ck" or derivatives of f*ck and a few other curse words such as "Christ."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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