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Escape at Dannemora (2018– )
Really enjoyed first episode
21 November 2018
Now I came across this show by chance without any knowledge about it. The first part that grabbed my attention with the cinematography, throughout the episode there were some wonderful shot. The second was the cast I wasn't expecting anything so seeing such a great cast was a wonderful surprise. The writer seem to have hit the spot I found myself being sucked into the atmosphere. My only problem is that it's based on a true story and I know where it ends up, it's a pity as after the first episode I sort of want to cheer for the criminal but knowing the history of the real people it's difficult as the real people weren't very nice. 9 stars on the first episode
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Season 6!?!?!? Rinse and repeat
14 November 2018
I love history and documentaries and I have watch several about Oak Island not one of them lasted more than an hour. That's all you need to tell a complete story about Ock Island, that's all you need. As someone said earlier watch the first 20 minutes of the first show, the last 20 minutes of the last show (whichever series it may be) and any random 20 minutes in the middle and you won't miss a thing.
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The Romanoffs (2018– )
Good modern dramas but Nothing to do with the Romanov
12 October 2018
The Romanoffs ?

That is the question as the connection to the Romanoffs is so sparse as to be barely perceptible. We have a group of stories about people living a modern lives with all the ups and down you expect in a TV drama, I must state I have only watched the first two episodes . They are well made, well acted with good scripts. There is nothing wrong with the production, they are good modern day dramas. My issue is attempting to connect the dramas through the Russian royal family, as of the second drama ( there not really episodes) both stories could of been told equally well without having to use the name Romanov as a gimmic .
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Love, Simon (2018)
1 June 2018
You will only care about this film if you care about being gay (nothing wrong with that). Personally I don't care if you're straight, gay or bi - so when I watch a film about a person "coming of age" I need to feel for them. I want to feel scare, embarrassed, excite, thrilled, these are the feelings we all went through at that stage of our live. I never felt like that watching this film. I didn't worried, I was never concerned, there was not one moment where I didn't believe that everything would all work out. This is a nothing film, nothing really happens and the little that does doesn't excite, thrill or scare. It is overrated
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The Oath (2018– )
Ruined in post
30 March 2018
I wanted to like the show as its not set up like the generic Police shows, (it is an anti hero bad police show) and I could of liked it if they hadn't over done the shaky camera shots, to be honest at time it was more like watching a TV show in the middle of an earthquake. I believe as an earlier reviewer said they were trying imitate 'The Shield' going for gritty realism .The difference is in The Shield it was a real effect they had cameramen taking shots with hand held cameras. In The Oath they have used a tripod then created the effect in post production and they have over done it. There is also a problem with the amount of edits, they are constantly cutting from shot to shot. I get that they are trying to keep it fast paced but having so many edits takes away from the acting, it is a failure to show or give the actor the chance to act. So overall it had potential but it has been spoiled in post production
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American Gods (2017– )
Stylish but no substance
15 May 2017
My summary says it all.

Exceptionally stylish the crew/ special effects people have put real effort into this series.

It has a look that will wow you.

There is no substance, I have watched three episodes and have no idea what has happened, is happening or is going to happen.

As a story being told it is a confusing mess.

It is a shames.
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Hacksaw Ridge (2016)
More Captain America, than Pacifist war Hero
9 January 2017
I was looking forward to watching this film. I heard about Desmond Doss a pacifist war hero was awarded the Medal of Honor. I believed a great story could be told without having to go over the top. It must have been very strange for the other soldiers training and fighting with a man who held such strong beliefs against killing others. I expected the director to look at Mr Doss and his colleagues from a psychological point of view I was hoping to see something akin to Platoon. No! What we got was more akin to Captain America. In the hands of Mel Gibson, Desmond Doss was more of a cartoon character than a real hero. It was so over the top I was actually embarrassed. Now for a fictitious character this movie would be OK. It was well made, well acted, with lots of action. Mel sold this film base don Desmond Doss and then he failed to tell his story. Don't watch this film expecting anything special it is a generic American war film.
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Aftermath (2016)
Bad beyond words !
23 November 2016
This is without a doubt the worst apocalyptic TV show ever.

It is so bad !

It is really bad !

Really, really bad !

Beyond bad !

I wish I had the words to describe how bad this show is, but there has never been and never will be a human being capable of expressing in words just how truly awful this show is.

If this show was a child, it would be the child who own mother agreed he was ugly.

All that being said i'm actually starting to enjoy it. I'm enjoying it like a sadomasochist enjoys having his testicles crushed in a vice. I don't know why I'm enjoying, it has no redeeming features. I have a feeling it has reached the point where it is so bad it becomes good.

Two stars ! One because I cant give it zero and the second because it the worst TV show ever.

It's so bad it deserves more than one star
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Goliath (2016– )
It lacks something
16 October 2016
This is a series that has everything, great actors, wonderful productions values, an interesting story.

But the simple truth is it falls short.

It is disjointed and pretentious. Big things happen for dramatic affect when a smaller event using a bit of finesse would of worked much better.

The big failure was the writer, it is like they were trying to hard, wanting to tick every box.

Not the worst TV you will watch. I have rated it 6, it should have been better and I wanted it to be better.

But it is not. The production lacked finesse !
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This Is Us (2016– )
Loved the first episode !
21 September 2016
I don't write many reviews I'm often tempted but don't get round to it. It might be because most of the time when i'm tempted it's because a series or a films is really really bad, so instead I decided to spend my time tying to find something that's good to watch. Now, I have only watched the first episode and normally I would want to watch a few more before making my mind up but I the case of "This is us" I feel compelled to comment on the pilot episode.

I LOVED IT ! It was wonderfully written, cleverly written, well acted with a good cast. I felt for the main character, they werre interesting and I want to know what happens to them. I was going to go into details about the main characters but I don't wont to spoil anything for you, all I will say is watch the pilot episode I will add that this is not the type of programme I tend to watch "family's struggling in the modern world" the "ups and downs of life" but after one episode I cant recommend this series enough I just hope it continues in the same manner.
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Not very good
4 December 2015
I like series which changes history, they are a very good way of moving a story in directions you wouldn't expect, but for the Man in the high castle I have watched for seven episodes and not a lot has happened. What has happened I find myself questioning why each character is doing what they are doing.

I know we have to take a pinch of salt when watching this type of TV but I can only do it to a certain point, if the show has something extra, that little bit more that makes you laugh, cry or holds you in suspense, you forget about the hole in the plot, you let them go, you know they are there but you don't mind. With this TV show I found myself asking why is he /her doing XYZ some times it was reasonable quite often it was not - And after 6 episodes I'm starting not to care.

A good effort - thats about all I can give at this moment
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